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My practice is now permanently CLOSED. Keep being your best self.

Use my 25yrs of experience (14,000+ hours) to help your trouble spots, injuries, restore movement to low function areas, work with patterns of perception, help you through illness, soothe achy + tight spots, help your immune system function.


Deep tissue, clinical Swedish massage, Myofascial Release, trigger point work, and range of motion. 

I offer a one session modality to help prepare you for a medical event  with "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster".  Ask me about it.


That you are comfortable in your body and function at your best.


After a career in advertising and in real estate, I realized that as good as it was, I felt much more drawn to working with people's health, their self knowledge + well being so I trained in Cambridge, MA during 1992/93. I opened my Brookline, MA practice in 1993. After 15 years of practice there, I moved myself and some of my practice to Providence, RI where I now live and work full time. I was lucky enough to receive some awards early in my career (Boston Magazine's "Best of Boston", American Health Magazine's "Best Rubdown in Town" and a Brookline Tab's Reader's Choice award) and have enjoyed quite a bit of additional training. For more background info, please click on the "My Credentials" tab.


We can work together with your physical therapist, chiropractor, doctor, nutritionist or other practitioner to optimize your results. If you have chronic patterns of painful movement, we can work together to address these. 

Once any medical issues are sorted out, we can approach these sorts of things:

  • Physical Discomfort: 
    • Low back pain, restricted movement, back/neck/shoulder movement/pain, headaches, sciatica + hip issues, arm/elbow/hand, knee/leg/feet, digestion and breath. 
  • Emotional Discomfort:
    • Anxiety, stress issues, pre/post hospital, post accident and aid during ongoing treatment/s.  
  • Athletic & Repetitive Motion 
    • Optimize movement, prevent injury or heal injury. 

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