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What Clients Say

"If she's good enough for the aching legs and feet of the Boston Ballet, Moskow can surely handle the knot in your shoulders from hunching over a computer keyboard."

BOSTON MAGAZINE, "Best of Boston" award

"I don't know anywhere where I get as much value for my money as here. Anywhere."

Pat F, 77, Arts Patron, Providence 2011

"I just had my first massage with Cathryn and I have to say how impressed I was. There is no comparing her to the two massage therapists I've used in the past.; she was much more attentive and unquestionably more knowledgeable. She really is thoughtful and you can feel her reading your body as she works on you...I think I found a little gem in the massage world."

Barry F, 59, electronics engineer, Attleboro, MA 2012 YELP

"I can't say enough good things about this woman and her work. She has been enormously helpful to me over the time I've been seeing her."


"I have been using Cathryn's services for more than five years. She's been very helpful to me in dealing wtih various physical infirmities I've developed over six decades of life. Besides being an excellent massage therapist, she really has a holisitic approach... she has given me instruction in stretching and posturem and... worked closely with my personal trainer to help me overcome a bursitis condition, reminding me to do things to prevent its return. I ... leave with a renewed sense of optimism."

John 63, Private Investigator, 7/2011 ANGIES LIST

"She is simply the best. Sessions include careful questions; she always incorporates what you tell her into the massage. She gives feedback as she goes and always makes great and practical suggestions for how to continue to help those problem areas. Her massages are MAGIC - her hands find what hurts, what's tight, and make it better. She's mastered a number of massage techniques and applies what's best. She's professional, direct, and caring. The office is spotless and pleasant. The entire experience is healing - not a word I generally use."  

Patrice M, 61, Researcher, Boston, 2012 YELP

"Cathryn has been my massage therapist for over three years. Her massage have been an integrel part of the treatment of arthritis in my knees, my stress management program, and my overall health. She is knowledgeable, approachable, kind and thoroughly professional. I cannot recommend Cathryn highly enough."

Priscilla B, 56, Boston, 6/2011 ANGIES LIST

"Cat is great for deep tissue massage. She recently opened a practice in Providence, having practiced in Boston for many years. She is attentive, thorough, and spends a lot of time figuring out your needs and preferences. And above all, her deep tissue massage is excellent."

Steel M, 34, Los Angeles 2010 YELP

"I was referred to Cathryn by my physical therapist after a back injury and she was so great that I decided to see her on a regular basis to prevent my injury from recurring. I have had dozens of massages over many years, and Cathryn is the absolute best. She really knows how to work with your specific problems, and really listens to you so she knows exactly what you need. She has changed my life and helped me to be in the best shape I've been in in years. She's not just a great manual therapist, she's an artist and healer."

Elena R, 46, composer, Brookline, MA 2010

"Cathryn is FANTASTIC. Her technique is wonderful; her demeanor and treatment space help clients relax. But what really distinguishes her is her ability to find and address underlying causes of a client's discomfort. ...Based on the medical history she took... Cathryn saw the cause of pain. Cathryn's ability to seek out causes of discomfort and help clients address them is wonderful."

Carin A., 32, 1998 ANGIE'S LIST, Boston, MA

"...simply the best. Cathryn really hears what you're saying. After 4 months of physical therapy with little improvement, I tried Cathryn. She really help my chronic neck and shoulder pain disappear. Thank you, Cathryn."  

Meredith, Dartmouth, MA, YELP 2010

"You are the best in the business!"  

David N., East Providence, RI 2010

"Thank you so much. For the past two days, I have not had any back pain! I am so very glad you survived your car crash. That must have been very scary but maybe it gave you magical powers? I feel so much better."

Ali F, 31, High School Teacher 2006




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